Grief Support


"The love we have for our pets never dies; they live on in our hearts and memories forever"


Pets are very much a part of the family and their passing frequently leads to a significant sense of grief and loss. Please be assured that all of our team are here to help you in this difficult time and we are happy to discuss any issues you may have in dealing with your loss.


Grief counselling is available contact Dr. David Foote on 0425 281424.


We can also recommend a very good website


This web site was created by Dr Katrina Warren after dealing with the loss of her two beloved pets, with the aim of helping others deal with their loss.

She created this site for people with pets whose lives end suddenly or via humane euthanasia and who are experiencing similar sense of loss and grief. The website also deals with elderly and ill pets close to the end of their life.

On this site you can share your stories and tributes, and honour the lives of your special pet. There are also many articles with expert advice on a wide variety of topics such as dealing with grief, children and pet loss, caring for elderly pets, burial and cremation and much more.


The Lake Veterinary Hospitals Team

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