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Issue 77

Welcome to our Winter newsletter. It is the time of year to grab your pet’s jacket and keep them warm at night as the temperature drops. Turn over for more about helping prevent the arthritis or if your pet is stressed try our new product Zylkene, a natural milk by-product, to help make your pet stress free.  Next Rabbit Vaccination Week 31st August to 7th September. Come in and take advantage of our August Senior health month offer of buy 2 bags of Senior foods for the price of one.


Senior Puppy/Good Dog Manners Class


Our senior puppy classes are a great extension class after puppy preschool. The classes start for puppies from 4 months of age. The classes run outdoors for 5 weeks on Sundays. The classes are intimate in size being limited to 6 pups allowing for a group learning experience mixed with individual one on one tips.












Senior Health Month

Did you know that if your pet is over 7 years old they are called seniors?                                                                                                              

The Lake Veterinary Hospitals are running our Senior Health Examination Program in  August. 
You may notice some of the following signs:
• Foul smelling breath
• Not wanting to walk as far
• Trouble getting up
• Reluctance to jump up
• Drinking excessively
• Deafness
• Vision impairment
• Weight loss
• Coughing  

What is included?
• Consultation
• Blood screening to check body function
• Urine testing
• Arthritis checks
• Eyesight and hearing checks
• Nail trim
• Dental examination
• Heart health checks
• Diet analysis                                                      

All of this has been packaged, for a total cost of $ 220 (saving you over $80).
Please call to book your pet in for their Senior Health Examination.
We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon.

Stress Free Pets

Introducing Zylkene.


Zylkene is an orally taken medication containing a concentration of milk protein acting like a natural valium to help your pet cope with stressful situations.


It can be used short term to help your pet friend often starting1-2 days before a predicted stressful event or change in environment. Some animals may need earlier administration (5-7 days).

For long term use, start giving Zylkene® for one month then reassess your pet. The supplement is best used with a training program to help your pet learn that they are ok.


Zylkene can also be helpful:

  • Vet visits
  • Moving House
  • Introducing a new pet
  • Separation anxiety
  • Introducing a New Baby
  • Fireworks
  • Travel
  • Boarding
  • Thunderstorms



Osteoarthritis and Your Pet


Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease causes pain, loss of mobility and decreased quality of life. Arthritis is a common condition in dogs and cats (Yes cats! They are just better at hiding it).

Symptoms include:

  •  Inability to jump and play
  •  Difficulty going up or down stairs
  •  Difficulty rising or stiff after rest
  •  Difficulty toileting and /or using the litter tray
  •  Trouble grooming or poor coat condition
  •  Aggressive behaviour when touched, approached or moved due to pain
  •  Change of rest locations
  •  Cats- withdrawn and quiet


Thankfully there are many options available to help your pet maintain better quality of life and enjoy life again. Prevention is also important and therefore it is vital to keep your pet slim and trim. Extra weight causes more strain on joints and overweight animals are less active which leads to muscle wastage. Please call for a consultation with one of our weight management nurses, who can tailor a program for your pet. Medications like anti-inflammatories and a course of pentosan (4 weekly injections) can be very effective at controlling the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Never give human painkillers to cats, such as aspirin, nurofen and paracetamol as these can be lethal. Please ask us about a new medication registered for pain management which can be used in addition to anti- inflammatories. If you have any concerns about your pets mobility please make an appointment to see one of our friendly veterinarians to help your pet feel more comfortable.     











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