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 To our loyal clients and beloved pets, welcome to our summer newsletter. We wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year. We have entered tick and allergy season with some very dry and warm weather. There have already been many bushfires around the state and it is a good time to make a bushfire survival plan including moving your pet to safety. Turn over for more on heat stress avoidance.


At The Lake Vets, we pride ourselves on trying to make your pet’s visit a stress free visit. We use many techniques to achieve this including advanced training for your pet and natural drugs to help with anxiety.


For your convenience, we now have online booking for appointments.


Senior Puppy/Good Dog Manners Class

Our senior puppy classes are a great extension class after puppy preschool. The classes start for puppies from 4 months of age. The classes run outdoors for 5 weeks on Sundays. The classes are intimate in size being limited to 6 pups allowing for a group learning experience mixed with individual one on one tips.

Next class starts 19th January 2020












Christmas Hamper


Join in our Christmas Hampers free raffle when you bring you pet in from mid November to mid December for your chance to win a pamper pack with many goodies for you and your pet at each hospital.






Take care with your beloved pets over the festive season with treats. Ham and pork are too fatty for our dogs and will make them sick. Chocolate can be very toxic to your pet and it is best to keep it out of reach. Sultanas and grapes are best avoided.

Pet friendly treats based on caribou are a safe equivalent to chocolate.

Heat Stress


Here are some helpful tips for summer:


  • Clipping and brushing your pet is a good idea.

  • It is essential that your pets have adequate shade to rest in at this time of year. Provide a shady spot on the eastern side of your home with plenty of water.

  • Unlimited supply of full water bowls placed in shady areas.

    A clam shell pool in a shady spot is a great summer treat for a hot dog

  • Never leave dogs in cars unattended.

  • Jog or walk with your dog early in the morning or in the cool of the evening when the temperature has dropped.

Short nosed breeds of dogs, such as Bull Dogs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Pugs and Pekingese, are very susceptible to heat stress. Obese and geriatric dogs and cats are at risk too, as well as pets with respiratory disease.

If your pet is affected please contact us immediately and cool the animal by placing it in a room temperature (not iced) water bath or by hosing it. Place the wet animal in front of the fan and apply ice packs to its head. Treatment needs to be intensive and prompt. Heat stress is a major concern over summer. Please be careful with your pets!!!










Stress Free Pets

Introducing Zylkene.


Zylkene is an orally taken medication containing a concentration of milk protein acting like a natural valium to help your pet cope with stressful situations.


It can be used short term to help your pet friend often starting1-2 days before a predicted stressful event or change in environment. Some animals may need earlier administration (5-7 days).

For long term use, start giving Zylkene for one month then reassess your pet. The supplement is best used with a training program to help your pet learn that they are ok.


Zylkene can also be helpful:

  • Vet visits

  • Moving House

  • Introducing a new pet

  • Separation anxiety

  • Introducing a New Baby

Danger-Tick Search

Ticks have been very active recently as the tick season is in full swing. The Nexgard chew prevention is working very well in dogs and Bravecto top spot for cats. Please check your pet regularly being aware possums and blue tongue lizards can transport the ticks into your yard.

If you find a tick on your pet or your pet is having trouble breathing, weak in their back legs or vomiting- please call to make an appointment 49436066 Charlestown or 49459677 Belmont.




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