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Issue 75

Welcome to our winter newsletter. It is the time of year to grab your pet’s jacket and keep them warm at night as the temperature drops. Our dental month is in full swing helping many pets have happier mouths. Turn over and we discuss common poisons this time of year and helping prevent the arthritis that shows itself in winter’s cooler weather.


Next Senior Puppy/Good Dog Manners Class


Our senior puppy classes are a great extension class after puppy preschool. The classes start for puppies from 4 months of age. The classes run for 5 weeks on Sundays. The next class is starting on the 30th June 2019. The classes are intimate in size being limited to 6 pups allowing for a group learning experience mixed with individual one on one tips.












Dental Month


Dental Month is here. During June, we are offering buy one get one free of our Royal Canin Dental food with any dental procedure performed. It is a good time to have a look in your pet's mouth and check their teeth or smell their breath. We find regular checking keeps our pet's teeth happy helping avoid extractions. If you have any concerns please book now for a free nurse dental check up.


Many owners wonder what happens when their pet has a dental performed. You can have a look on our website at Sammi's dental procedure to see the different stages. We aim for a stress free experience and passionate care for your pet. Digital dental xrays are available if required to help assess any sore teeth.








Rat/Snail Bait warning

Please take care using pesticides to avoid any toxicities to your pet. This time of year we see an increase in cases of rodenticides poisoning and snail bait.

Rodenticides takes a several days to effect your pet’s blood clotting whereas snail bait (Defender-metaldehyde-green colour and Baysol-carbamate-blue colour) will have very rapid effects on your pet with common signs of salivation, urination, diarrhoea and fitting. If you have any concerns about potential access of your pet to these toxins please contact us immediately.


Alternative measures like rat traps instead of the rat poison are the best option. If rodenticides blocks need to be used, we advise having them secured by using the hole in the middle of the block attached to some wire inside an off-cut of pvc piping or to a post so the rats cannot move them to your yard and take care to avoid possums.


The supposedly pet friendly Multiguard Iron EDTA snail bait can also be harmful to your pet. Alternative natural remedies for snails and slugs include using used ground coffee granules around your vegetable patch.


Contrary to some beliefs, a green thumb can co-exist with our beloved pets, which our very good Lacy the Labrador and our vegetable patch can attest to.






Osteoarthritis and Your Pet


Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease causes pain, loss of mobility and decreased quality of life. Arthritis is a common condition in dogs and cats (Yes cats! They are just better at hiding it).

Symptoms include:

  •  Inability to jump and play
  •  Difficulty going up or down stairs
  •  Difficulty rising or stiff after rest
  •  Difficulty toileting and /or using the litter tray
  •  Trouble grooming or poor coat condition
  •  Aggressive behaviour when touched, approached or moved due to pain
  •  Change of rest locations
  •  Cats- withdrawn and quiet


Thankfully there are many options available to help your pet maintain better quality of life and enjoy life again. Prevention is also important and therefore it is vital to keep your pet slim and trim. Extra weight causes more strain on joints and overweight animals are less active which leads to muscle wastage. Please call for a consultation with one of our weight management nurses, who can tailor a program for your pet. Medications like anti-inflammatories and a course of pentosan (4 weekly injections) can be very effective at controlling the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Never give human painkillers to cats, such as aspirin, nurofen and paracetamol as these can be lethal. Please ask us about a new medication registered for pain management which can be used in addition to anti- inflammatories. If you have any concerns about your pets mobility please make an appointment to see one of our friendly veterinarians to help your pet feel more comfortable.     











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