Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I worm my new puppy?

Regular intestinal worming is vital and we recommend the following worm protocol:

  • Puppies and kittens 2 – 12 weeks of age : worm every 2 weeks
  • Pets 12 weeks – 6 months of age: worm every 4 weeks
  • Pets over 6 months of age: worm every 3 months for life


What age do I start Puppy School?

Puppy Training Classes at the Lake Veterinary Hospitals are run over five lessons for puppies with a starting age of 8 to 14 weeks but this can vary in some circumstances.


In an emergency what should I do?

Whether during normal business hours or 'after hours' – please phone us first so we can check if a veterinarian is available and give you advice. At times your pet may need to be referred to the Newcastle Animal Referral and Emergency Centre at Broadmeadow. On site staff can provide emergency care and supervision overnight.


Can I book a house call?

Yes we do offer a house call service if required, but, we can often provide a more thorough examination and treatment with nursing assistance at the practice where all facilities and medications are readily available.


Should I desex my pet?

At The Lake Veterinary Hospitals, we recommend desexing of cats and dogs at 5 to 6 months of age. Rabbits and guinea pigs are at a younger age due to their earlier sexual maturity. Desexing helps in your pet's long term health and behaviour training.
All desexed patients are given an analgesic (pain relief) as a pre-operative sedative as well as a post-operative analgesic injection, giving good pain relief for 24 hours. All patients are given intravenous fluids to reduce anaesthetic risk and maintain blood pressure. Patients go home on the same day as the surgery.


Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we do suggest that you phone to make an appointment if you wish to bring your pet in for attention.  Our appointment system allows us to spend adequate time with each pet without causing undue delays.

However, urgent cases or emergencies will be seen as soon as possible.

How often does my pet need vaccination?

Pups and kittens require 2 or 3 vaccinations initially (depending on age at first booster) and an annual booster thereafter to maintain protective immunity. A yearly check up is important for all pets as health issues can be detected early and treated accordingly.







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