I moved to Charlestown in late 1997 about the same time as my cat Bluebelle was born at a cattery in Silverwater Lake Macquarie. I brought her as an adult cat.

We have loved each other and as there are only the two of us our bond is very close.

She has been a patient of your practice for over 13 years. As well as veterinary services she also enjoyed the practice’s former services of grooming and boarding on frequent occasions and I have great satisfaction for the excellent loving treatment she has received from the lovely and experienced nurses. She has her yearly check up and needles from the competent and charming vets and when illness occurs they have been able to make her well again. I enjoy the sympathetic and caring approach from all the staff.


Daisy-Mae, Ivan (and Sweetness)

I have been taking my precious bunnies to see Alison and the team at The Lake Vet Hospital Belmont since I moved to the area in 2010 and wouldn't dream of having anyone else look after my babies. Alison is beyond perfect with rabbits (which is hugely important because they are so different to cats and dogs) and understands their needs as well as my own. Tragically I lost Sweetness in a terrible accident in 2013 and the team at Belmont were supportive, understanding and generally wonderful, even thinking of me when a homeless bunny appeared and needed to be rehomed. Thanks so much to the best veterinary team there is!


Neffi and Buffy

Neffi and Buffy

The vets at The Lake Vet Hospital are very caring and attentive to our rabbits, Neffi and Buffy. From minor to major problems, we have no hesitation taking them.


Pumba, Milo and Simba

Our family has been customers of The Lake Veterinary Hospital since 1998. We have three cats: Pumba, Milo and Simba who have not only undergone their yearly checkups here, but have also had a number of procedures performed at this practice. There have been a number of occasions where life-saving operations were necessary for both Milo and Simba after they swallowed foreign objects. Pumba who is 15 is also receiving exemplary care in her old age as her kidneys fail.

The veterinary surgeons are professional, friendly, empathetic, compassionate and invested in creating close and personal relationships with both their human and animal customers. The surgery is bright and clean, and we have always been more than satisfied with their service.

Kerrie and family

For seventeen years The Lake Veterinary Hospital teams have given me great help and peace of mind in caring for my precious ‘fur family’. I’ve been able to rest assured that we will benefit from consistently excellent treatment, advice and comprehensive ranges of premium foods, pet care products and behavior management strategies. I appreciate the teams keeping up-to-date with the latest best practice in medicine, technology and behavioural research. I’m very grateful for the professional and compassionate support I’m given to keep our family in the best of health.


Gus and Bertie

I want the best for my rescue dogs, and that naturally includes their veterinary care. 

The Lake Vet Hospital has provided exemplary professional advice and care.  All the staff are so understanding and efficient, and willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for their patients (and owners) without hesitation. From routine visits to emergency surgery, I would not entrust the care of my beautiful boys anywhere else!

In my vast experience as a dog owner and animal lover, The Lake Vet Hospital represents everything a veterinary practice should be: always with that important personal touch, and with the wellbeing of my dogs close to their hearts.  They truly understand how much our dogs mean to us.  I will never forget the sensitivity shown when Mr Bones, also a rescue dog, was put to sleep. 

If you just want a vet, go to a vet; but if you hope for an extended family and new like-minded friends, go to Lake Vets!  (Dogs know where they’re well off.)


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