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We wish our loyal clients and beloved pets a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you all stay safe on the roads if travelling and read on for some good pet friendly holidays. Thank you for being a part of The Lake Veterinary Hospitals in 2018 and we look forward to 2019.

We welcome Dr Rebecca to The Lake Vet fold from Adelaide at the start of January. Rebecca has a keen love of animals and is bringing her pets with her including her Dalmation Scooby.

Farewell Dr Carla Kowald

We farewelled Dr Carla at the end of November. Carla has been a caring and friendly vet at Belmont over the last 2 years forming friends with many pets and clients. She is joining her partner in QLD to further their studies at the University. We wish her all the best in this next exciting chapter of her life.





Festive Food for Pets

The temptation during the Christmas season is to give our pets left over’s as a perceived treat for them to share with us.

In many cases this may be without any consequence except a satisfied pet but we do often see gastrointestinal upsets associated with feeding seasoned, fatty or salty foods - this sounds like everything we have Christmas day!

Vomiting and diarrhoea are often symptoms seen but these may progress to a more serious condition such as pancreatitis, which requires hospitalisation and intensive care.

Please be careful when including that four legged family member in sharing your Christmas meal.

Of course, to spoil their fun more, we should also avoid sharing our chocolates. Lake Veterinary Hospitals Your

Heat Stress




Here are some helpful tips for summer:

  • Clipping and brushing your pet is a good idea. Our groomer is at Charlestown on Mondays.
  •  It is essential that your pets have adequate shade to rest in at this time of year. Provide a shady spot on    the eastern side of your home with plenty of water.
  • Unlimited supply of full water bowls placed in shady areas.
  •  A clam shell pool in a shady spot is a great summer treat for a hot dog
  • Never leave dogs in cars unattended.
  • Jog or walk with your dog early in the morning or in the cool of the evening when the temperature has dropped.

Short nosed breeds of dogs, such as Bull Dogs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Pugs and Pekingese, are very susceptible to heat stress. Obese and geriatric dogs and cats are at risk too, as well as pets with respiratory disease.

If your pet is affected please contact us immediately and cool the animal by placing it in a room temperature (not iced) water bath or by hosing it. Place the wet animal in front of the fan and apply ice packs to its head. Treatment needs to be intensive and prompt.

Heat stress is a major concern over summer.

Please be careful with your pets!!!

Tick Alert

Ticks are now out in full force. Please make sure your pets are update with their tick prevention. We recommend Nexgard monthly for dogs and Bravecto top spot every 3 months for cats.

Xmas raffle

There is still time to get a ticket in the Christmas Hamper. Join in our Christmas Hampers free raffle when you bring your pet in from mid November to mid December for your chance to win a hamper pack with many goodies for you and your pet.

Bushfire Plan

Have you got a plan in place during bushfire season for your pets?

  • Prepare for your pets: have bedding, food and water ready to go and make sure you can transport them.
  • Make sure your pets can be identified easily. Microchip your animals and include your details such as your phone number on collars.
  • Discuss with neighbours about protecting your pets if you are not at home during a bushfire. Keep in regular contact with your neighbours during the fire danger period to let them know your plans.
  • Keep your Bushfire Relocation Kit for pets within easy reach so you are ready to leave early.

We can board animals at the clinic if you need to evacuate and are not able to take your pets.

Pet Friendly Holidays

Please visit these websites for holiday ideas with your furry friends.  

Please contact us if you need a current Vaccination Certificate and Happy Holidays

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