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Issue 72


We welcome all our valued clients and loyal pets into 2019.  It has been a hot summer and owners have been very diligent in helping their pets through the heat waves. Ticks have been abundant and cats are now fortunate to have a Bravecto top spot lasting 3 months preventing against ticks and fleas.

Hills have had a recent voluntary food recall of many of their wet tin food range. It is linked to the food containing a higher level of vitamin D than recommended. Please contact us with any questions.


We welcome Dr Rebecca to The Lake Vet fold from Adelaide at the start of January. Rebecca has a keen love of animals and has brought her pets with her including her Dalmatian Scooby and her horse Link.









We all need a little Therapy Dog Walk






Come and join us at the Delta Dogs Day Out. The Delta Dogs walk is on 7th April at Speers Point Park.

Come and visit our stall from 9am to 2pm. We will have competitions with some great activities, competitions and prizes. We will also be offering free dental checks and veteri  nary advice.

We proudly support the Delta society annually who provide visits to children, aged and disabled residents in care with companion animals. The dog walk starts at 10am with a long and short option available.

There will be the Newcastle PCYC Brass Band, Novelty Dog Competitions and Races, Delta Therapy Dog Display, Agility Dog Trial demonstrations and more. The day will conclude with the drawing of the Raffle around 2.00pm. Visit our Facebook page for more updates on registration.

Skin Allergies

Cytopoint injection for skin allergies in Dogs

The new product Cytopoint has been providing relief for your dog’s skin allergies with some amazing results. It is an injection that lasts a month acting on the early inflammatory stage of allergic dermatitis. It is considered the safest of our other anti-allergy medications. For more information please call our hospitals.




Christmas raffle


Congratulations to our 2018 Christmas Hamper winners

Swansea- Robyn         





    Charlestown- Anne with Jasper





Belmont- Marmalade



Behaviour Classes

Our senior puppy classes are a great extension class after puppy preschool. The classes start for puppies from 4 months of age. The classes run for 5 weeks on Sundays. The next class is starting on the 24th February 2019. The classes are intimate in size being limited to 6 pups allowing for a group learning experience mixed with individual one on one tips.


Meet Phoebe Wallace  

Phoebe Wallace our Delta Accredited Trainer. Phoebe first started at The Lake Veterinary Hospitals as a Delta Student in 2008 and qualified as a Delta Trainer by 2010. Phoebe runs our junior puppy, senior puppy and adult dog classes.


Outside of work, Phoebe has a 15 year old border collie called Ben and they enjoy taking walks together on the beach. Phoebe has an interest in graphic art / design & has recently studied Design at Tafe.





Insurance for your pet

 At the start of the year we encourage owners to look at the insurance options available to them in caring for their pets. We recommend pet insurance to owners to make treatment simpler in times of illness for your pet. To have the peace of mind that the majority of the account is covered alleviates much of the financial stress. Many companies offer insurance ranging from supermarkets to pet companies.




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