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Issue 57


This month we farewell Vicki Wills. Vicki has been one of the longest standing veterinarians at The Lake Veterinary Hospitals. Her experience and excellent skills will be missed but most endearing is her genuine love of pets and friendly nature to clients and the team. We wish her all the best in the next chapter of her life with John and their horse River and Scottish Terrier Katie.


We supported R U Ok Day on September 14. It was a timely reminder for us all to check in with the people around you that everything is ok. This is an area our team feels strongly about, helping prevent mental illness.


Our dental month was helpful giving over 50 pets a shiny nice smelling set of teeth and they are all a lot happier chomping on their dinner.


Please turn over to meet our pet of the month Indi, see the results of Alison’s Dry July campaign, tick season warnings and the next behaviour class.


Vicki Wills Retiring

Letter from Vicki


Its been 21 years since I started work at The Lake Vets but it seems to have passed so quickly. First I worked at the old Warners Bay surgery, before being based at Belmont and finally Charlestown. Arthritis is taking its toll so I find its time to say goodbye to Veterinary work, so at the end of September, I will retire.

Things I will miss most are:

Hugs and cuddles, bright round eyes, wet kisses and hand shakes.

Meeting the wonderful servants who faithfully open fridges and fill water bowls, give love and care and generally pamper their furry friends.

Stopping pain and disease and seeing our pets run around happy and well again.

Working with some of the most dedicated and lovely people you could ever meet.

I will miss all this - but I have wonderful memories. So, onto the next phase of my life - which will definitey still include animals - how could I live without them?

Love to all. Vicki.

Pet of the Month

Our pet of the month is Indi Moore.


Indi is a much loved pet and a large part of the family. She also enjoys eating grass. Unfortunately, Indi ate some grass with a stick entwined. Indi proceeded to vomit and feel quite unwell and presented to Dr Keefe who took xrays of her abdomen. He identified a highly suspicious foreign body.    

Dr Kelly successfully operated on Indi and removed a stick and grass ball from Indi’s intestine. Indi has recovered well from her surgery and is back playing with her mate Zali in the yard.

Indi’s case is one of a number of foreign body ingestions we have seen lately.


We have one special Corgi, Tara, that has taken a liking to eating $20 notes (see below). The owners are trying to show her that $5 notes are tastier.










Danger - Tick season


Ticks have been very active as the tick season is in full swing. The Nexgard chew prevention is working very well in dogs and Frontline in cats. The Seresto collar is proving useful in cats as well. Please check your pet regularly being aware possums and blue tongue lizards can transport the ticks into your yard.

If you find a tick on your pet or your pet is having trouble breathing, weak in their back legs or vomiting- please call to make an appointment 49436066 Charlestown or 49459677 Belmont.


Behaviour classes


Our next Good Dog Manners Class will be held on 22nd October. The classes are a great opportunity after puppy preschool to build upon the training already achieved along with tailoring the needs of your pet as they grow older and develop different traits. We are very lucky to have Delta trained Phoebe Wallace who has years of experience she can draw upon to help your pets.


Dry July


Dr Alison successfully completed Dry July and raised $1088.08 for cancer charities. Thanks to clients, staff and friends for all the support.






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