Letter from Vicki











Its been 21 years since I started work at The Lake Vets but it seems to have passed so quickly. First I worked at the old Warners Bay surgery, before being based at Belmont and finally Charlestown. Arthritis is taking its toll so I find its time to say goodbye to Veterinary work, so at the end of September, I will retire.

Things I will miss most are:

Hugs and cuddles, bright round eyes, wet kisses and hand shakes.

Meeting the wonderful servants who faithfully open fridges and fill water bowls, give love and care and generally pamper their furry friends.

Stopping pain and disease and seeing our pets run around happy and well again.

Working with some of the most dedicated and lovely people you could ever meet.

I will miss all this - but I have wonderful memories. So, onto the next phase of my life - which will definitey still include animals - how could I live without them?

Love to all. Vicki.

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